Our 5 Step Beauty Regimen For Healthy and Beautiful Skin

We are revealing our 5 Step Beauty Regimen for healthy and beautiful skin

Tired of rushing out the door in the mornings, trying to hide imperfections or fine lines? There is an answer to getting healthier and beautiful glowing skin. After all, your skin renews itself every 28 days, so it's never too late to cultivate better looking skin.

Step 1: Remove Your Make Up Every Evening

Before going to bed, NEVER go to sleep with make up on. Remove your make up while also cleansing and restoring healthy oils by using our facial melting cleanser. In the morning, you may find that simply rinsing your face with water is all you'll need. Or you can choose to use the oil cleanser again in the morning to further restore natural oils into your pores.

If you use a soap or detergent based cleanser, this actually strips away your natural oils (while also doing it's job of removing dirt and breaking down oils from your pores), but your face will end up producing even more oils to compensate. Afterwards, you'll need a toner in order to bring your skin's pH levels back in balance. Then you'll need a moisturizer to avoid dehydrated and dry skin. What a good quality oil cleanser does is it binds oil with oil, and removes dirt and oils from your face, but also leaves natural oils within your pores. It's truly a game changer and a time saver!

Step 2: Apply a Face Mask Once a Week

Every so often, about once or twice a week, your skin will need to exfoliate and detoxify.  Exfoliation helps remove dead skin cells, which oil cleansing cannot always help remove on its own. If your prone to breakouts and blemishes, exfoliation is great as well as detoxifying to remove any impurities from make up or the environment. Be sure to use an all natural clay based mask with very little preservative. Our Exfoliating and Detoxifying Clay is powder based. There are no harsh preservatives, all you need is water. Mix the appropriate amount to your preferred thickness. Bamboo powder and cranberry seed powder gently yet effectively exfoliates your skin, while the black and white kaolin clay detoxifies.

Step 3: Use a Face Mist (optional)

For those with dry or dehydrated skin, occasionally, you may need a quick pick-me-up in the form of a face mist. We love Herbivore's Rose Hibiscus Hydrating Face Mist. They also have a Green Tea one too. These face mists can also calm irritation and redness.

Pro Tip: If you want a more dewy glowing look, we love spraying these face mists onto our blending sponges while working a foundation or mineral powder onto the skin as we do our make up. Works wonders!

Step 4: Use a Face Serum or Face Oil

Serums are great for addressing immediate issues that you may have, such as redness, irritation, or fine lines and wrinkles. It is typically water based along with highly potent active ingredients. It however will not seal and lock in moisture. This is where a face oil helps, like our hydrating face oil. Face oils are deeply nourishing and restorative. During the upcoming fall and winter months, face oils are great at giving your skin a mega dose of hydration.

Step 5: Finish with an SPF and then apply your make up

We gathered up our favorite Facial Moisturizers with SPF here. It's so important to protect your skin from UVA and UVB rays. Moisturizers work best at the top most layer of your skin, so one that contains at least an SPF of 15 or more is also beneficial at protecting that top most layer as well as everything underneath.

So there you have it.

A simple five step beauty regimen that can transform your skin into healthy and beautiful skin within weeks. Stay healthy and beautiful out there!


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