Our Mission

We want to provide you with the BEST ingredients without harming our environment or any living creature. As a manufacturer, we have a responsibility to the environment and the world. We strive to minimize our carbon footprint by reducing waste, recycling everything we can, and continually striving to become a zero waste company.
Our goal is to simplify beauty products, processes, packaging, material and ultimately, your life! Live simply and stay beautiful!

Fyve, Inc's Owner and Her Family

How It All Began

When my daughter was a baby, the combination of her food allergies and sensitive skin had me go mama-bear crazy, trying every "natural" product out there, but nothing worked. So I took matters into my own hands and educated myself on the physiology of the skin, cosmetic science, chemistry and aromatherapy. For over two years, I found myself diving into the world of essential oils, studying all the benefits they have on the human body. 

Fyve Owner Formulating Products

About Our Founder

My name is Mindy Cheng, and I started this company out of passion for all things healthy, true and simplistic.​ I had been working for an Engineering Firm for 15 years and decided to quit the only job I've ever known and risk everything to follow my passion. If I can share my creations with others and make a difference, then my world is complete.

The Fifth Ingredient

The fifth ingredient will typically be a blend of essential oils of 1% or less. We source high quality, organic whenever possible, and therapeutic grade essential oils. We will never use sulfates, parabens, formaldehyde donors, PEG's, synthetic fragrances or dyes. With our products, we only use 5 main ingredients, so each ingredient serves a functional purpose. There is no room for additives, and quite frankly, there is no need for them. Your skin will glow beautifully without them!

We Give Back 5%

5% of our proceeds goes towards various non-profits that help with various causes like animal rescues, shelters, and rehabilitation centers, local families and shelters in need, as well as environmental organizations. Check our blog, Instagram Feed, or join our newsletter to see who your purchases are helping!