What You Need To Know About Face Mapping

What You Need To Know About Face Mapping

Ever wonder why you tend to breakout in the same areas and perhaps in a cyclical matter? Well, according to the concept of Face Mapping, where you breakout is related to different parts of your organs.

Face mapping is practiced by many Chinese medicine practitioners & reflexologists. It can be used to understand underlying issues within your organs and your body.

Acne Face Mapping

There are several variations of face mapping charts out there, and this one that we have created is based off of a common chart that is floating out there on the internet. Personally, I have experienced breakouts every month around the chin and sides of my mouth.  After seeing this chart, it seems clear to me that my breakouts are due to hormonal changes. When that time of the month comes near, I try to keep my skin clean and exfoliate a little more often than usual to remove dead skin cells or potentially clogged pores.

Face mapping guru, Chapman Lee, a Chinese scholar and co-founder of Baszicare, says to give your skin time too, before jumping right into face mapping.  He recommends to first ensure that any dark spots or acne aren't caused by poor hygiene or a skin infection. If symptoms still occur after seven days of daily cleaning or treatment, then one can consider face mapping.

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