Salty or Sweet: Best for Scrubs

Salty or Sweet? What's the difference?

If you've never tried a body scrub, you're missing out on a mini spa day in your own shower! This simple act of exfoliating your skin leaves you with unclogged pores, a quick turnover of skin cells, and moisturizing and balancing skin tone, but what gives when it comes to SALT SCRUBS versus SUGAR SCRUBS?

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Salt versus Sugar: Granule Size

For starters, both salt and sugar function the same when it comes to exfoliating the skin. However, salt granules tend to be slightly larger and sharper, which do a great job of exfoliating the body. Sugar on the other hand, has round granules and should be the only kind of scrub used on the face as well as on the body for sensitive skin. 

Salt versus Sugar: Therapeutic Benefits

Most salt scrubs nowadays use salt that comes from the dead sea, or natural sea salt, which contain a plethora of healthy minerals. The benefits of dead sea salt do wonders for removing toxins too.  While sugar doesn't have the mineral benefits, it is however less drying. Natural sugar contains glycolic acid which aids in conditioning and moisturizing the skin.

Whether you choose to use a sugar scrub or a salt scrub, one thing is for sure, we feel that exfoliation should be a part of everyone's regimen to get that healthy, glowing skin. As the weather changes, your skin will too. Take good care of it during the fall and winter months so that come spring, you'll be shorts and bathing suit ready! Live simply and stay beautiful out there!




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