What Are Soap Nuts?

What are soap nuts?

I just learned of these soap nuts, actually a berry, that washes your clothes naturally and I'm just blown away by what they do.

Soap Nuts

These amazing berries come from the Sapindus mukorossi (Soap Berry) tree. It's the shells of this berry that contain saponin, a natural surfactant, or soap.  When placed in warm water, the berries release the saponin and washes your clothes.  It's also a natural fabric softener too - no need for those chemical laden fabric softeners either!

I was so skeptical at first.  I placed these dried nut-looking berries into a muslin cloth bag, threw them in the wash and hoped that I didn't just waste time, water, and money if I had to do the load all over again.  I could not believe it! My clothes came out so soft and clean. There was no smell to it, just a fresh and clean smell. 

The best part was, after using the berries, you just hang the bag to dry, and re-use them for about 5 times! When they're soft and gray looking, you can compost them! I just can't even... I mean, where have I been?! A hypoallergenic, truly all-natural, compostable, nut-berry thing, that cleans and softens your clothes. 

So if you've got super sensitive skin, like my daughter does, and you truly want something that is all-natural, eco-friendly, and actually works, you've got to check out Essence One's Soap Nut Laundry Cleaner.

Stay healthy and happy and enjoy the rest of your week. This is definitely a huge way to live simply and stay beautiful!


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