How To Live A More Simplistic Lifestyle

Do you ever wonder how to live a simpler life? One where you can truly be happy, free of stress, anxiety, and sleepless nights. We'd like to share 5 tips on getting started with this journey.

Now, just to note, a simplistic life doesn't necessarily mean completely stress-free. There will always be stresses, being busy, and messes. But, maybe we can navigate through these stresses with meaning.

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What is simple living anyway?

Simple living can be of varying degrees, from growing your own vegetable garden and not owning a TV to decluttering your closet. The common theme with anyone aiming for simplicity is that the end goal should make you happy. And we mean, a state of true happiness. To appreciate the beauty in less. And striving for quality over quantity.

It's a true lifestyle change that begins with your mind, and then your heart, and it will ultimately affect your soul and spirit. It's about trimming things down to what matters most to you. It's about intentional living.

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Our 5 Tips On Living Simpler

1. Pick your top 5

Pick 5 major categories that matter the most to you in your life. It could be as broad as you'd like or narrowed down. For example, perhaps one thing that matters most to you is to teach your children to be kind human beings. Or maybe it's living a healthy lifestyle. In either of these categories, every meaningful and intentional action you take should aim towards filling that goal. If something doesn't fall within your top 5, then stop spending energy and time on it. Say 'no' to activities or commitments if it doesn't fall within your top 5. This will truly allow you to live intentionally and with deep meaning.

2. Live within your means

Don't spend what you don't have. Rethink what is truly necessary to you. Don't get caught up on advertisements or envious feelings of the friend you barely know on Facebook who just bought something new. Let's be more intentional with how we choose to spend our hard earned dollar. Living simplistic doesn't mean deprivation either. It's a mindset shift, going from "I can't have" to "I choose not to". It's about freedom and not being prison to the cycle of desire.

3. Declutter

There is a reason why Marie Kondo has gained such popularity. In her words, ask yourself if this item "brings you joy". If not, get rid of it. Remember to start small. Start with one drawer. Don't feel the need to tackle the entire house. The common fear is, what if I need that item someday? Maybe start a yearly tradition of getting rid of items that you haven't used in 5 years. It's a good rule of thumb to go by. If you haven't touched something in 5 years, chances are, you don't really need it. If it has sentimental value to you, or if you truly use it about once every 5 years, then hold onto it. 

4. Practice self-care daily

Make a list of what self-care looks like to you. What activities warm the soul and brings pure joy to you? Is it reading a good book with a cozy blanket? Is it enjoying coffee or tea without disruption? Maybe it's going for a walk or a jog, alone or with friends. Maybe it's getting a mani/pedi with a bestie, or doing a facial mask once a week. Or taking a long bath. Whatever it may look like, make a list, both big and small self-care ideals. And try doing something small for yourself every day. 

5. Aim for less digital time

Start with switching off notifications on your smart device. Do we really need to be notified every time an email has come through, or someone has posted something on a social media platform? Be more intentional with our actions and maybe we can learn to check email only twice a day versus constantly opening it up every time you get notified, or when you're bored.

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We hope these simple tips can get you started on your journey to a simpler life. One with deeper meaning, and happiness. Stay happy, healthy and live simply!

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