5 Ways To Repurpose Your Beauty Product Packaging

Beauty Product Packaging
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Did you know, often times, those small glass bottles and jars might not actually make it all the way to a recycling facility? Many times, these small items will get screened out or caught in the disposal stream at a sorting facility. This automated process can sometimes miss small items like lipstick tubes or other small items, which then get thrown into the trash... and back into a landfill

So we're rounding up 5 ways to reuse or repurpose some of those small beauty product packages today.

Lemons will take stickers off naturally

The Best Way To Remove Labels

Before we dive in, we wanted to share an all natural solution to removing those stubborn labels and all that sticky residue. Remove as much of the label as possible. You can soak it in warm water to help ease this process. With the remaining residue, add a drop or two of all-natural lemon essential oil, and rub off the residue with a paper towel or cotton pad. Trust us, it works wonders, and your bottles will smell amazing!

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1. Spritz your indoor plants

Use those hand sanitizer sprayers, room sprayers or face toner sprays as a spritzer for your indoor plants. You can also make your own DIY toners for a mid-day pick-me-up. 

Reuse toner bottles as a plant spritzer

2. Use small glass jars around the kitchen

Use those body butter jars or face mask jars to hold various spices and salts in the kitchen. Just give those jars a good wash, remove the labels, and store just about anything with these cute jars. From small snacks like trail mix, to office supplies like rubberbands, thumb tacks and paper clips, you can find just about anything to store in these handy jars.

Reuse beauty products as spice jars in the kitchen

3. Use them to hold fresh cut flowers

Place a flower or two in those larger glass bottles or perfume bottles. Fresh cut flowers last longer when there are only one or two flowers per jar. Place it somewhere like your bathroom counter. You'd be surprised with how a simple single flower can brighten up an ordinary space.

Reuse glass bottles and perfume bottles as flower vases

4. Make your own lash-lengthening treatment

Even mascara tubes can be reused. First be sure to wash out your mascara tubes and brush thoroughly with warm soapy water. You might also need to add a few drops of rubbing alcohol. Be sure to wash the tubes so clean that it's spotless. Once cleaned, add some organic, cold-pressed castor oil for your own DIY lash lengthening treatment. If you have vitamin E capsules, open one up, and add that into the mix as well. Be sure to do a patch test on yourself first.

Reuse mascara tubes for a DIY lash-lengthener serum

5. Make your own oil diffuser

Reuse glass bottles from body oils or cleansers as a reed diffuser... or twig diffuser. Simply take dried twigs (or buy special reeds), fill the bottles with warm water, add a few drops of your favorite essential oils, and place the twigs in the bottle. The dried twigs will naturally draw liquid upwards, as this is their natural function in a tree. The scent will gradually disperse throughout the next day or two.

Reed Diffuser
Image source: Mathilde Langevin

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