Tips on Using Your Fyve Candle

We've compiled a list of awesome tips and recommendations when using your Fyve Candles. As always, please let us know if you have any questions at all. Email us at:

First Light

Allow 1-2 hours of burn time in order to get a full melt pool in your candle. A full melt pool is a pool of melted wax that reaches the edges of your candle canister, and is about 0.25 to 0.5" deep. 

Believe it or not, candles have a memory burn. If you don't allow for a full melt pool to occur, all subsequent times that you light your candle will only melt to a pool size from the first burn, and this creates a tunneling effect, causing wasted wax.

Wooden Wicks

If you're having trouble keeping your wooden wick lit, it could be due to a long wick. Be sure to trim your wick down to 1/8". A pair of nail clippers or wire cutters can be used to cut wicks to the correct length. 

Keep in mind that the wax is what actually fuels the fire, so if the wood is too tall and the flame cannot reach the wax, it will not stay lit.

Use Caution When Burning Candles

Be sure to keep your candle away from kids, pets, drafts, ceiling fans, or anything flammable. Be sure to burn on a sturdy table, and always keep an eye on your candle, especially because we use dried flowers at the edges of our candles.