Lunaescent X Fyve Gift Set

$79 $99.50

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Indulge in the ultimate skincare pampering gift set. Lunaescent and Fyve have curated the perfect set for your skincare needs. This set comes with the Lunaescent Smart Tool Applicator. A touch-free, silicone device that easily allows you to apply skincare products without dirty hands, contaminated jars, and with less product since no absorption goes into your fingers and hands. 

The set also comes with a mini sized Hydrating Face Oil, a mini sized Green Tea Facial Balm, a Grapefruit Lip Balm, and the Lunaescent spatula along with an additional textured silicone pad.

If purchased all separately, this gift set is valued at $99.50. Get it for 20% off at $79.00 today.

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