Why You Should Be Using A Body Oil In Your Self-Care Routine

If you're not using a body oil in your self-care routine, the you're missing out, well, your skin is.

Our skin can greatly benefit from the use of body oils and here are some key reasons why.


1. Deeper Absorption

The skin treats natural botanical oils similar oils that the body produces itself. Botanical oils and bodily oils have similar lipid structures, and the body processes these oils through enzymatic decomposition, resulting in absorption that goes deep into the layers of the skin.

2. Quicker Cell Turnover Rate

In a 2020 study, researchers found that some botanical oils such as sunflower seed, flax, or hemp seed oils which are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, increased the skin's metabolic rate and reduced inflammation, which are 2 of the 4 stages the skin goes through when it heals a wound. In other words, your dry, cracked skin may heal faster with the use of botanical oils.

Vanilla Lavender Body Oil

3. Locks in Moisture

Many have asked when you should use a body oil in your skincare routine. It's best to use it immediately after showering, or after a body lotion. This is because these natural botanical oils will help seal and lock in moisture. A body oil can also be used in place of a body lotion, but it's personal preference.

4. More economical and less chemicals than body lotion

If you're wondering if body oils have more benefits than a body lotion, here are some things to consider. A little goes a long ways with a body oil, and is therefore more economical than a body lotion. Lotion is typically made with 70-80% water, which is great for hydrating the skin. However, a body oil is a concentrated dose of what your skin needs, and since there is no water in a body oil, there is no need to preserver it, enhance it, bind it to water, and therefore contains less chemicals than a lotion.

Body Oils are also great for massages, it enhances our emotional well-being, and can reduce stress as we massage our skin and take time for ourselves in a little self-care routine. Hopefully you can find time to add body oils into your self-care routine.

Green Tea Lemongrass Body Oil by Fyve

Peppermint Rosemary Litsea Body Oil

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