How To Enjoy The Holidays During COVID

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The 2020 Holiday season is upon us, and this year, it may look a bit different. Here are some helpful guidelines for minimizing the spread of COVID-19 while still enjoying the holidays with family and friends.


1. If you will be gathering in small groups, opt for celebrating outdoors if weather permits. Heat lamps, firepits, and lots of layers can still make for a great get together. If you live in a location where it will be too cold to be gathering outdoors, consider getting tested a week prior to gathering to ensure everyone is safe. After you've gotten tested, ensure that you quarantine during that week leading up to the gathering. But just know, that a negative result doesn't always mean you don't have it, it simply gives you a result at a specific point and time, according to this NY Times article


2. Opt for a roadtrip, especially if you live with kids.  A short roadtrip can do everyone some good, both mentally and physically. There are still plenty of vacation homes to rent through VRBO or airbnb. A hotel with a kitchenette would be a great choice too. If the weather is bearable, perhaps camping (RV style or tent) is another option. Whatever you choose, be sure to pack plenty of food in order to still maintain social distancing while on the road. Another tip is to invest in portable urinary devices. It's fairly easy to find ones for small children, like this one, where you can plop anywhere and use any secure ziplock or bag. For women, we found that the Travel Jane is a great one. 


3. Consider a virtual celebration, especially if you live in different areas. Meals are meant to invoke shared experiences and memories with the people you love, so consider sending out a simple menu ahead of time and ensuring all guests will make the same dishes. To make it even more interactive, opt for a fun game, like creating a Kahoot! trivia game for all to partake in. You can even do virtual Escape Rooms together, like Escape The Virtual Room, or 365 Escape.


Whatever method you choose to celebrate in the coming weeks, we hope that you stay safe, healthy, and happy. From our home to yours, Happy Holidays!
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